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Hungry the Vulture and the Silly Sing-Off

Hungry The Vulture Story 3

In the sandy dunes of the desert, there was a vulture named Hungry who was famous for being always hungry and never smiling. He had a frown that could scare away the sunniest of days! Hungry was perched atop a cactus one windy day, looking extra grumpy. The desert animals were having a Silly Sing-Off, […]

Hungry the Vulture and the Baffling Banquet

Hungry The Vulture Story 1

In the vast stretches of the sunbaked savanna, there lived a vulture named Hungry. Now, Hungry was quite the character; with his grumpy gaze and feathers as dishevelled as a tumbleweed, he was an oddity among the lively animals of the plains. He soared high and low, always with the same expression of supreme indifference, […]

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